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BRIC, University of Copenhagen, 8 February, 2018

Hi guys, Thanks for a great day in a room where we could overlook the building where I once did the lab work for my Master’s thesis.  Below you will find the lecture slides in pdf format as well as a motley but useful collection of links. Feel free to get in touch if you’re preparing […]

SENE 2017, Łódź, 24 November 2017

Hi everybody, Thanks for inviting me to the conference. It was very interesting to meet you and to get valuable feedback and experience regarding the subject of communication. O. olle@bergman.com se.linkedin.com/in/ollebergman/en @OlleBergmanSE instagram.com/generalblom My slides 2017-11-24_Lodz

Politechnika Łódzka, 23 November 2017

Hi everybody, Thanks for a great morning with many interesting questions and comments. I think the document we produced together is a great to-do list. O. olle@bergman.com se.linkedin.com/in/ollebergman/en @OlleBergmanSE instagram.com/generalblom Files 2017-11-23_Lodz The workshop document    

Musical Monday #1: Musical storytelling, part 1

This Monday: songs that tell a sad or dramatic story. The tragic love between an egyptologist and a mummy “Love as a game of power, with one loser and one winner, and the entanglement of tenderness and cruelty. But yet: the one forsaken find her happiness in her delusion. Her martyrdom is her pride.” (Josh Ritter: […]

The world keeps existing

I read this line by Sylvia Plath, and felt that I had to disagree: ”I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.” It’s a wonder of a healthy brain – i.e. a brain which is neither affected by illness or stress, nor under the […]

Birgittadagen, sen eftermiddag

spetsar ögonlocken på solens sista strålar minnen fladdrar i en rödgul gardin runt omkring har hösten ägt rum i stillhet en bölja av guld frusen mot brynen ett kar av blod tippat över molnen snart kan det sägas snart kan det skrivas MORS: QUO SERIOR AMARIOR snart var det sagt snart var det skrivet må de döda välsigna mig med sin värdighet   Tåget Göteborg–Eskilstuna den 8 oktober. Släpljus […]

The love poetry of Matthew Ryan

Summer is slowly fading away out there in the neglected reality while I’m busy putting abstractions together with the help of a keyboard and a cup of Twinings Earl Grey. To keep me motivated, or something like this, I’m listening to some albums by Matthew Ryan. You can say that many of his songs are not […]

Solna, 15 Juni 2017

It was great to meet you, this warm June day in Stockholm! Below, you will find my PPt slides as well as some links which may be useful. Good luck with your summer projects. As I said: feel free to email me for feedback on your PPt slides or poster design. O. olle@bergman.com se.linkedin.com/in/ollebergman/en @torbern instagram.com/generalblom My slides 2017-06-15_SoFoSk A […]