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Module #1:

General Communication

Learning from journalists, writing effective news and blog updates

Science & tech people often have a hard time getting to the point. Instead of focussing on the main messages, they tend to get lost among the details of their subject. In this online workshop, the participants learn how to write a short news piece, using the inverted pyramid technique from journalism.

Module #2:

Ethos, Pathos, Logos
– the triad of persuasion

Convincing your audience, following three different strategies

Aristotle defined the triad of ethos, pathos, logos in the 4th century BC, and ever since it has been a model to prepare and analyze convincing communication.

Module #3:

Presentation Techniques

Module #4:

Poster Design

Power Tool #5:

Preparing an elevator pitch
and putting it to good use

Under planning.

Preparing a 100-word text which sums up what you do and why it is important

As a script, it can lay the foundation for a spoken elevator pitch. It is also useful as e.g. a bio or a LinkedIn summary.

Power Tool #6:

Your online, interactive CV

Under planning.

Setting up an appealing, trustworthy and information-packed profile in 3 hours

Day 1: General communication

Day 2: Presenting Yourself

Day 3: Mastering the Communication Toolbox

Day 4: Finishing the Presentation

Day 5: Presentation Event