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Łódź, 8 Juni 2017

Cześć! It was great meeting you all at the Innovation Forum event University and Industry: we speak different languages but say the same thing. Please feel free to get in touch for questions and suggestions – I believe that Poland has a very strong future in science and tech due to your amazing human resources. /Best, […]

Copenhagen, April 19, 2017

Hi guys, Some really busy weeks have passed since we met; I apologize for my tardiness. Anyway, I had a great day in Copenhagen! Below you will find the lecture slides in pdf format as well as a motley but useful collection of links . Feel free to get in touch if you’re preparing a […]

Stockholm 18 april 2017

Tack för en trevlig eftermiddag i Stockholm! Thanks for a great morning in Stockholm! Below, you’ll find the the slides from our workshop together with some useful links. Good luck with your communication and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have reflections or questions. Olle B. olle@bergman.com 070-888 55 41 My slides kth_17_april_2017 […]

Lamenting the wordiness of learned people (Crastina Column, April 2017)

Being the project leader for Crastina, I introduced  the theme of April & May – ”short & punchy” – with this column. Its main message can be summarised by paraphrasing Coleridge: “Text, text, everywhere, Nor any message to get.”  Exhibit A: The Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, hugely impacted the world since the 7th century BC. And yet it […]

Life Science Safari

I’m sitting in my hideout shelter at the back of the venue, watching the savannah of Life Science before me, brimming with – well, life! All the species are there: the ego-minded professors with graying hair, the self-reliant Big Pharma suits, the energetic entrepreneurs with their exploring gaze, the curious, fresh-faced PhD students with hope in […]

All the people that come and go …

I’m cleaning my address book from obsolete contacts (meaning that I remove people who once were prioritised in my professional life so that I clearer can see my current prioritisations and make sure I have the contact details that I need). While I’m on it, I’m checking through my LinkedIn contacts and some Excel files […]

A reflection on country music

I think this song and video demonstrates what I see as the artistic nature of country music: on the surface, it may seem stereotype and sentimental to those who consider themselves having a more sophisticated taste. But have a look at how the lyrics often dig into the most painful shortcomings of ordinary people, who […]

Regarding style in popular science

After reading the unusually well-written prose of the science blog Espresso Science, I made the following reflection: Producing readable copy with no apparent style always works. Being the nimble wordsmith, skilfully forging exquisite prose may very occasionally work wonders and give your message extra oomph. But most likely, stuffing the text full of various style […]

BRIC, University of Copenhagen, 8 February, 2018

Hi guys, Thanks for a great day in Copenhagen in the room where I could overlook the lab where I did the lab work for my Master’s thesis. Below, you will find the lecture slides in pdf format as well as a motley but useful collection of links. Feel free to get in touch if […]