Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, 14 May, 2018

Hi everybody,

Thanks for a great morning in Huddinge. I’m looking forward to your presentations.



My slides


Beta versions (i.e. work in progress) of some online documents

Please feel free to distribute and send feedback!

Useful stuff




  • (EN) I recommend this audiobook which you can download for free from Audible (if you’re a new customer): A Way with Words.
  • (EN) Another good book in English: You Talkin’ to me?
  • (SE) UR har sänt intressanta program om retorik, bland annat Tala ut (pdf-handledning).

Books on scientific peer-to-peer communication

Some recent pieces by yours truly

TEDx talk, Poland 2017


I currently put a lot of effort in Crastina—a networking platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills, experience, and opinion regarding scientific communication and science dissemination. The primary target group is early career scientists, but here you can find stuff which is useful for everybody with an interest in communication. (The name comes from Scientia Crastina, Latin for ‘The Science of Tomorrow’)

There are several ways to engage in the Crastina network activities – please get in touch if you’re interested.


Kvällssol i Mesta skog, Eskilstuna.