SciLifeLab Facility Forum, Djurönäset, 17 October 2022

Djurönäset’s bus stop for southgoing traffic. 

Thanks for a great late afternoon session! Here are some advice, built on the feedback:

  1. Always set up a goal for your communication activities.
    Then use that goal as an aiming point when you’re planning, preparing and performing the activity. (Setting up goals is also a great way to start a work meeting!)
  2.  Keep in mind that communication not only conveys information, but attitudes, values, emotions etc.
    The Aristotelian triad helps you navigate this complex universe – both as you analyze what’s coming at you, and as you try to plan and execute your own communication.
  3. If you prepare an elevator pitch, remember that it can be used in a number of ways.
    This 100-word summary works excellent as a LinkedIn Summary and can also be used as a bio. Remember to edit the content and the tone of voice to every different context.

Below, you will find my Google slides as well as some links which my participants usually find useful. Feel free to email me for questions, reflections, or feedback on your PPt slides or poster design.

Olle B.

Such a lovely autumn we’ve had in Mälarregionen! View from Hällbybrunn, northwest of Eskilstuna.

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Our workshop

A PPt for scientific presentations

This template is based on a chapter in the first edition of Matt Carter’s Designing Science Presentations. Matt is an assistant professor of biology at Williams College, Massachusetts, and a very friendly person!

Presentation techniques

Poster design

  • Better Posters
    By McMaster University professor Zen Faulkes; by far the best resource on poster design on the web.
  • The Poster Design Hub
    A (somewhat messy) resource page with some selected guides and websites.

Information design