“My job is helping top professionals, scientists, and students get their facts, ideas, and opinions across.”

Writer, trainer & author
from Sweden

Based in Sweden, I am a communications consultant, public speaker, educator, and freelance writer.

My specialties include the following:
• scientific communication and science dissemination
• presentation and writing techniques.
• medical, technical and scientific writing aimed at a popular audience.


  • Training in the form of lectures, seminars, and workshops
  • Research, editorial planning, and text production for magazines, websites, reports etc.
  • Concept development, strategic planning, networking activities

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Addendum: In addition, I have a strong passion for history and language. In this field, I am a published author (so far 7 titles) and regularly contribute to popular history magazines.


Training offers
in English

I regularly speak to groups at universities, conferences, and companies on a variety of communication topics. After having the opportunity to literally study thousands of case stories during the course of a long career, I believe in what I define as “The Grand Unified Theory” of communication. According to this mindset, there is a set of universal principles which can be applied to make communication more effective.

  • Strive for simplicity.
  • Engage the audience as if you were having a conversation
  • Last but not least: never be boring.

For my live lectures and workshops, I currently offer six modules which can be combined into a customized event:

  • General communication skills for science & tech people
  • Power writing for communicators of science & tech
  • Presentation techniques for novices as well as for experienced professionals
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Scientific poster design
  • Networking and social media for science & tech people

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Texter & utbildning
på svenska

Jag är en erfaren uppdragsskribent inom områdena forskning, teknik, medicin och kommunikation. Exempel på typiska uppdrag är

  • intervjuer i branschtidningar och för webbplatser
  • rapporttexter

Jag ger även utbildning i hur man på ett målmedvetet sätt framstår som verkligt övertygande, lämnar ett bestående intryck och gör komplex information begriplig. Alla utbildningar som beskrivs i länken nedan kan naturligtvis även ges på svenska.

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[Top photo by Andjela Grozdanic, Belgrade. Taken in Kalemegdan Park.]