Helping science & tech people get their messages across.

About me


Based in Sweden, I am a communications consultant, public speaker, educator, and freelance writer.

My specialties include the following:

  • Scientific communication and science dissemination.
  • Presentation and writing techniques.
  • Medical, technical, and scientific writing, aimed at a popular audience.

Through the years, I have worked for universities (Karolinska, KTH, Lund …), the industry (Astra Zeneca, Scania …), and NGOs (Cancerfonden, MultiHelix …).


  • Training in the form of lectures, seminars, and workshops
  • Research, editorial planning, and text production for magazines, websites, reports, etc.
  • Concept development, strategic planning, networking activities

Och, ja – jag gör allt detta på svenska också om så önskas!

Training services


I offer lectures and workshops – live and online – on a number of topics related to communication. My main target groups are the following:

  • Early-career scientists
  • Students at bachelor or master level
  • Engineers & R&D staff in the industry
  • Communication professionals

I currently offer six training subjects that can be combined into a customized event:

  • General communication skills for science & tech people
  • Power writing for communicators of science & tech
  • Presentation techniques for novices as well as for experienced professionals
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Scientific poster design
  • Networking and social media for science & tech people



After having personally engaging in thousands of professional case stories during the course of a long career, I believe in what I define as “The Grand Unified Theory” of communication. According to this mindset, there is a set of universal principles which can be applied to make communication more effective.

  • Strive for simplicity.
  • Engage the audience as if you were having a conversation
  • Last but not least: never be boring.

As a knowledge worker, I get energized by the force field between the traditional and the brand-new. Or to quote the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf:

“The established is good. The opposition against the established is good.”

”Det bestående är bra. Oppositionen mot det bestående är bra.”

Feel free to contact me for inquiries, professional consultation, intellectual discussion, or casual conversation.

Phone/Whatsapp: +46 70 888 55 41

Training modules

During the fall of 2021, I will offer online training in the following subjects. As the target groups are master students, Ph.D. students, and early-career scientists in general, a pay-what-you-want price model will be applied.

Writing your personal communication plan

Preparing and performing an elevator pitch

News writing, inverted pyramid style

Convince the world with Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Academya Partnership

I am very happy to team up with my friends at Academya, for whom I will offer workshops in English.

“Academya was founded in 2011 by a group of academics in Poland and in the UK. Academya combines the expertise of professional language editors with specialist academic content reviewers who are leaders in their fields – giving researchers a unique opportunity to create the highest standards of academic papers. We also develop and deliver academic writing workshops and webinars for universities around the world.”


More information will follow. Feel free to email me at