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Poster Workshop Copenhagen 22 + 24 January 2019, Pit Stop

Hi everybody! Thanks for a great day in København! I think we had some really interesting discussions. Here are some guidelines and links to help you with your work. Feel free to email me or call me! Looking forward to see your posters – be bold and be interesting! O. PS will add more stuff to […]

QDETAILSS research school, Lund University, 12 November 2018

Hi guys! Thanks for a great workshop at Kemicentrum. Judging from the discussions we had, I am looking forward to seeing your posters on Thursday. Please remember that this is a safe environment for bold initiatives and creative ideas; feel free to come up with something different. O. PS You can use the comments section […]

The splendor of the proto-vikings

The splendor of the proto-vikings: Ogaklev hillfort, Södermanland. This wall, three meters high, lays undisturbed for 500 000 days (which takes us back to approx. 500 AD). It is becoming more and more obvious that there was a highly organized Swedish Game of Thrones society hundreds of years before the Christian people of Europe made […]

The relief of submitting a complex writing assignment

Being overly empathetic, I have a tendency to engage a little bit too strongly in my writing assignments. Sometimes, it may seem that my life hangs in the balance. And the more complex the article is – regarding e.g. facts, connections, background as well as social, professional and political considerations – the more I attack […]

“The Attackers” (Russian tv series) gets me hooked

I’ve enjoyed the Russian tv-series The Attackers immensely (on Amazon Prime, Sweden). A bit sentimental, patriotic and over-simplified, of course (and with sometimes cheesy CGI effects). But still a very good reminder about life during The Great Patriotic War and the hardships of the Eastern front. And the actors are top-notch. It illustrates things as […]

Stockholm & Bosön, 7 August 2018

Hi guys!. Always great to meet the IoT influencers of tomorrow at KTH and Bosön! Good luck with your projects in the intersection between business and R&D. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to have a discussion about practical case stories where skillful communication plays an central […]