DTU Biosustain 5 December 2022, Poster Improvement Workshop

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a great afternoon and evening at Gråbrødretorv where we had some really interesting discussions on how to balance the perspectives of the scientist and the communicator. I am looking forward to seeing what improvements you will come up with!

Part III of the workshop

6–12 December: the virtual feedback room at GoVisually will be open. Submit posters by adding them to Dropbox; you can add as many versions as you want.

  • Start by adding the poster in its original format. Give it the name “YOUR_NAME_ORIGINAL”
    (Not for those who design their first poster this week, of course.)
  • Any version you add should be named “YOUR_NAME_VERSION_##”

12 December, 10:00: deadline for improved versions.
12 December, afternoon: the winners will be announced.

If you have any questions or reflections, please email me: olle@bergman.com.

Working with your poster

Check list

  • Will it be useful as a networking tool?
  • Does it have a clear main story?
  • Are the conclusions or the project aims clear?
  • Is every component there to support these main messages?
  • Does it look interesting to the poster exhibition participant?

Below are some links that can be useful when you design and improve your poster.

Information design

Some tools and models

Five principles for any communication activity

1. Define your task. Always know WHY you are initiating a communication activity, and what the GOAL is. How will you change the world?
2. Analyze your target group. Be like the elephant: listen more than you talk.
3. Know yourself. Follow your passions, improve your strengths, work on your limitations. Let your experience and your personality guide you as a communicator, and believe in your own values, voice, and style.
4. Understand the limitations at hand. Start any communication activity by drawing up the limits of time, budget, man-hours etc – then start creating.
5. Seek inspiration in all types of communication. Remember The Grand Unified Theory of Communication and Influence!

The Aristotelian triad

Keep in mind that communication not only conveys information (logos) but also trust/attitudes/values (ethos), and emotions (pathos).

  • Ethos = trust, credibility, personal trademark
  • Pathos = emotions – positive or negative
  • Logos = facts and logic

Here’s a great blog article!

The inverted pyramid

In short: frontload your texts and announcements, starting with what really matters for your audience.

The Wikipedia article is very enlightening. Have a look at the Five Ws when you’re at it!