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Amgen Scholars, Karolinska Institutet, Solna, 1 July 2019

Hi guys! I hope you’re well and that you have been getting started with your lab work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join you during the Wasa Museum visit, but I may show up for the Birka trip. Anyway, we will meet for the poster workshop in August. Below, you will find my PPt slides as well […]

Rays*, Strängnäs, 2 juli, 2019

Hej allesammans! Alltid lika upplyftande att träffa *Rays-gänget när sommaren är som vackrast! Jag blev imponerad av många av de svar och förslag jag fick under övningarna; ni tycks ha känsla för det där med kommunikation. Några tips för era presentationsförberedelser: Sätt inte igång med att göra föreläsningsbilder i PowerPoint. Fundera istället över hur ni ska […]

Karolinska Institutet, Solna, 13 Juni 2019

Thanks for a great afternoon in Solna! I appreciated your questions and comments. Below, you will find my PPt slides as well as some links which may be useful. I wish you a nice summer and good luck with your summer projects! You are welcome to email me for feedback on your PPt slides or […]

KTH, Stockholm 22 mars 2019

Tack för en trevlig eftermiddag i Stockholm! Thanks for a great afternoon in Stockholm! Below, you’ll find the slides from our workshop together with some useful links. Good luck with your communication and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have reflections or questions. Olle B. olle@bergman.com 070-888 55 41 My slides 2019-03-22_KTH_writing_compressed Writing […]

Taking a book shower

A colleague cleaned out his bookshelves and gave me an amazing collection of history books. I decided to take a photo of the entire stack from below. Bad idea. First time I have taken a book shower.  

On the empty gun emplacement

A technical failure may be an artistic success. The photo below would be at risk of being discarded if someone decided to sort out failed shots from the image library. But to me, it’s pure poetry. It was taken in 2011 by my mother Gunilla Bergman. It’s me to the left, Moa at the top […]

Lund, 19 March 2019

Hi guys! Thanks for an interesting day in Lund. Im am looking forward to what you will come up with next week. O. olle@bergman.com se.linkedin.com/in/ollebergman/en (Feel free to connect) instagram.com/generalblom My slides 2019-03-19_Lund_compressed A PPt for scientific presentations This template is based on chapter 16 in Matt Carter’s Designing Science Presentations. Matt is an assistant professor […]

Poster Workshop Copenhagen 22 + 24 January 2019, Pit Stop

Hi everybody! Thanks for a great day in København! I think we had some really interesting discussions. Here are some guidelines and links to help you with your work. Feel free to email me or call me! Looking forward to see your posters – be bold and be interesting! O. PS will add more stuff to […]

QDETAILSS research school, Lund University, 12 November 2018

Hi guys! Thanks for a great workshop at Kemicentrum. Judging from the discussions we had, I am looking forward to seeing your posters on Thursday. Please remember that this is a safe environment for bold initiatives and creative ideas; feel free to come up with something different. O. PS You can use the comments section […]