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My dad and I

When I was six years old, my father stayed home for a year and took care of all the housework. We became very close that year.   People around us were probably bewildered by this castling of the gender roles. But for me, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. A monthly […]

Three genres I turn to when I want to relax

Words, words, words (that’s actually a Hamlet quote – from Act 2 Scene 2)! As a professional writer, you have to be a professional reader as well. In a way, you’re a text machine where an ingoing feed of text (from latin textus ‘tissue’) is transformed into an outgoing feed. But when I want to […]

A few notes on Time by Bowie and Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana

• Time on Bowie’s 1973 album Aladdin Sane (which can be read “A lad insane”). Such production work, such cooperation between three amazing musicians and one poet (where Bowie plays two of the roles. Mike Garson’s piano which effortlessly moves between vaudeville, glam rock and jazz, Bowie’s desperate struggle with the most terrible oppressor of […]

A birthday celebration to my brother

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BROTHER! On this your big day, I was very happy to receive this photo from our mother. It shows a sunny summer day in Rydebäck, south of Helsingborg, where we had some bright and formative years in a collective of kids from (as it seemed) happy and optimistic core families. The reason […]

Beta-testning av Lottens podd ”När Lotten får avgöra”

Avsnitt #1: Det nya ordet fokusork Olle Bergman · Lottens podd, avsnitt #1: “Det nya ordet ’fokusork’” (24 maj 2020) Det finns många ord som saknas i det svenska språket men som finns på engelska. Nu har jag löst problemet med ”attention span”: FOKUSORK! Avsnitt #2: Berättelsen om barnförlamnings-vaccinet Olle Bergman · Lottens podd, avsnitt […]

My handwriting – a way of expressing myself

You may have noted that there has been some recent discourse about handwriting and its proven benefits for cognitive development and learning. While engaging in an online discussion, I realized that my own handwriting has been shaped by two persons: • Birgitta #. and Inger #. – my first- and third-grade teachers (I skipped second […]

QDETAILSS Poster Workshop Lund 11 + 14 November 2019

Hi everybody! It was great meeting you yesterday, discussing communication and poster design. Here are some guidelines and links to help you with your work. Most important are these two: The Poster Design Hub A resource page for scientific posters The QDETAILSS 19 discussion group A LinkedIn group for feedback and discussion. Make sure you ask […]

PhD4GlycoDrug, Lund University, 22–25 October 2019

Hi guys! What an amazing week we had. It was wonderful to see your boldness and creativity when you approached your communication tasks, while still being very structured and clear. Below, you will find my PPt slides as well as some links which may be useful. I wish you a great autumn and good luck […]

Amgen Scholars, Karolinska Institutet, Solna, 1 July 2019

Hi guys! I hope you’re well and that you have been getting started with your lab work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join you during the Wasa Museum visit, but I may show up for the Birka trip. Anyway, we will meet for the poster workshop in August. Below, you will find my PPt slides as well […]

Rays*, Strängnäs, 2 juli, 2019

Hej allesammans! Alltid lika upplyftande att träffa *Rays-gänget när sommaren är som vackrast! Jag blev imponerad av många av de svar och förslag jag fick under övningarna; ni tycks ha känsla för det där med kommunikation. Några tips för era presentationsförberedelser: Sätt inte igång med att göra föreläsningsbilder i PowerPoint. Fundera istället över hur ni ska […]