PhD4GlycoDrug, Lund University, 22–25 October 2019

Hi guys! What an amazing week we had. It was wonderful to see your boldness and creativity when you approached your communication tasks, while still being very structured and clear.

Below, you will find my PPt slides as well as some links which may be useful. I wish you a great autumn and good luck with your research projects: may your experimental systems be reliable and may your biomolecules be obedient!

Feel free to email me for questions, reflections or feedback on your PPt slides or poster design.


Social media

My slides



A PPt for scientific presentations

This template is based on chapter 16 in Matt Carter’s Designing Science Presentations. Matt is an assistant professor of biology at Williams College, Massachusetts, and a very friendly person!

Presentation techniques

A resource page with some selected guides and websites (work in progress).

Poster design

A resource page with some selected guides and websites.

Information design


Regarding rhetoric, my recommendation is a English language professor giving a hybrid between audiobook, recorded lecture and podcast. If you register at, you can download it for free (The Modern Scholar series contains a lot of fun!).

There’s a very negative review on Amazon where the writer has totally missed the point (”Mr. Drout dedicates two whole chapters of this slick audiobook to logic and logical fallacies, and somehow he never mentions that premises must be supported by verifiable evidence; ” etc) . Rhetoric is only partly about what’s actually true (based on data and observation) – it’s about what you can make your opponent/fellow human believe. Trump is a lying narcissist, producing false statements about the world – still he can use his communication to change the world. It’s like a knife: a tool of creation or destruction, depending on how you use it.


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