Amgen Scholars, Karolinska Institutet, Solna, 1 July 2019

Hi guys! I hope you’re well and that you have been getting started with your lab work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join you during the Wasa Museum visit, but I may show up for the Birka trip. Anyway, we will meet for the poster workshop in August.

Below, you will find my PPt slides as well as some links which may be useful. I wish you a nice summer and good luck with your summer projects: may your experimental systems be reliable and may your biomolecules be obedient!

Feel free to email me for questions, reflections or feedback on your PPt slides or poster design.


Social media

My slides

A PPt for scientific presentations

This template is based on chapter 16 in Matt Carter’s Designing Science Presentations. Matt is an assistant professor of biology at Williams College, Massachusetts, and a very friendly person!

Presentation techniques

A resource page with some selected guides and websites (work in progress).

Poster design

A resource page with some selected guides and websites.

Information design


Hällby forest, northwest of Eskilstuna, June 2019.