Musical Monday #1: Musical storytelling, part 1

This Monday: songs that tell a sad or dramatic story.

The tragic love between an egyptologist and a mummy

“Love as a game of power, with one loser and one winner, and the entanglement of tenderness and cruelty. But yet: the one forsaken find her happiness in her delusion. Her martyrdom is her pride.”

(Josh Ritter: The Curse)

A modern Bonnie & Clyde or True Romance couple

“It seems so simple – five holdups, romance and fun, retiring to Mexico. But the love game of some people is the PTSD of others.”

(Joe Purdy: Outlaws)

A junkhouse tragedy

“A story that is a riddle. If you understand who the milkman is, you will get it. But then, perhaps, the thrill is gone.”

(The Raconteurs: Carolina Drama).



Musical Monday is a playlist game where Olle Bergman uses some of his favourite music as the pieces. The rules are random and everybody is a winner.