Solna, 22 June 2016

Hej, alla Amgen-studenter!

Tempus fugit — time flies — and in just a couple of weeks you will need to wrap up your summer project. I hope that the biomolecules and cells are behaving in your tubes and dishes and that you are getting some data (soon you will probably identify with the guys in this video). Just don’t worry too much – you will sort it out in the end, just like your Amgen colleagues have done through the years.

Below you will find a pdf with the lecture slides, as well as a collection of links which I hope you will find useful.

You can email me anytime for feedback on your PPt slides or poster design – but remember to give me a couple of days to reply.


PS 1 I look forward to do our viking Odyssey to Björkö together with you. (Here’s a classic Icelandic viking western to get in the mood!)

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My slides


A PPt for scientific presentations

Presentation Links

Poster Links

Other Useful Stuff



Summer evening at Hedlandet, Södermanland, close to the eastern end of Lake Hjälmaren. [Photo: Olle Bergman,]