The relief of submitting a complex writing assignment

Being overly empathetic, I have a tendency to engage a little bit too strongly in my writing assignments. Sometimes, it may seem that my life hangs in the balance. And the more complex the article is – regarding e.g. facts, connections, background as well as social, professional and political considerations – the more I attack it like a sinewy prizefighter in an MMA tournament.

I’m a bit ambiguous here

On the one hand, my personal doctrine is to go all the way in, no matter what assignment, mission or relationship is handed to me. This virtuous and emotional commitment is well illustrated by an extraordinarily passionate performance of this certain (extended) Canadian band.

On the other hand, it may put some stress on my system. People keep pointing out this to me, but either I have not understood it yet, or I have decided not to listen. Something in me believes that you and I are gonna live forever.

Anyway, it’s always a joy to press Send and hand over the tamed and managed complexity to the editor.

Silence falls in the study.

And so I feel safe and alive for a while in the ”vacuum created by the arrival of freedom”.

Illustration: Writer by Ivan Koulikov (1875–1941)

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