Southampton, 26 March 2015

Thanks for a great afternoon in Southampton! Below you will find a pdf with the lecture slides as well as a motley but useful collection of links .

Good luck with your studies, research, networking and communication! And don’t forget to keep in touch, e.g. by liking the Crastina Facebook Page.


My slides

southampton_march 2015



Mr Scicomm = Kirk Englehardt

If you want a starting point for general science communication (hashtag #scicomm) your man is Kirk Englehardt from Georgia Tech. He knows what is going on, and presents summaries like this every week!


My current pet project is Crastina (from Scientia Crastina, Latin for ‘The Science of Tomorrow’)—a networking platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills, experience and opinion regarding scientific communication and science dissemination. The primary target group is early career scientists, but here you can find stuff which is useful for everybody with an interest for communication. Read more.

There are several ways to engage in the Crastina network activities.


Ditchling Beacon, South Downs [Photo: Olle Bergman]