London, 25 March 2015

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending my first talk on British soil and for your patience when we had to switch rooms. Secondly, I want to express my gratitude to Paweł who made everything possible. Below you will find

  • information about Gettyscience & Crastina;
  • a pdf with the lecture slides;
  • some links which may be of use. 

Good luck with your studies, research, networking, writing and communication. Feel free to contact me with questions and requests for feedback; as I am not spending my days in an university environment I need a steady inflow of examples to study and learn from.




“At Gettyscience we would like to give scientists the opportunity to promote their work to the wider public.” Read more.

Click here if you would like to become an author.


Olle’s current pet project is Crastina (from Scientia Crastina, Latin for ‘The Science of Tomorrow’)—a networking platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills, experience and opinion regarding scientific communication and science dissemination. The primary target group is early career scientists, but here you can find stuff which is useful for everybody with an interest for communication. Read more.

There are several ways to engage in the Crastina network activities.


My lecture slides



Some links


Mr Scicomm = Kirk Englehardt

If you want a starting point for general science communication (hashtag #scicomm) your man is Kirk Englehardt from Georgia Tech. He knows what is going on, and presents summaries like this every week!


Arlanda, 24 March 2015 [Photo by Olle Bergman]