Some help to write a recommendation for Olle Bergman

Here is some boilerplate text in English for you who are kind enough to write me a recommendation. Hopefully, it can help you getting started.

Olle as a speaker

I attended a lecture by Olle #date and place# and appreciated …
… the way he merged ideas from traditional and modern communication …
… his energy and focus on the audience …
… how he showed how your own personality is the most important tool for a communicator ..
… he boosted my self-esteem …
… inspired me …
… source of inspiration
… allowed to tap in to his experience
… great tips
… useful knowledge about communication skills
During the lecture he gave many valuable tips …
… his focus on 
… his understanding of the situation of a early career professional
I have applied his ideas with some success …
He inspired me to 
… use my personality
… take a step ahead
… increase my self-esteem
… feel safer
… challenge myself

Olle as a writer

manages to explain complex things

Olle as a communications consultant

easy to work with
has inspired us


LinkedIn recommendations I cherish

”It is a true pleasure to work with Olle as he is an inspiring person simply by possessing a vast amount of knowledge spanning over many theoretical fields. As a person early in my career I also feel trust in Olle’s words as he a lot experience in Life Sciences. I look forward to the opportunity of working for and with Olle in any future projects.”
Peter Solsjö, Swede + Student + Biomedical Scientist + Teacher + Entrepreneur

”Olle Bergman was engaged by us for making a case study on Sony Mobile’s road in becoming an open source company. As Olle possesses the rare combination of understanding industrial software development as well as the enchanting skills of a good story teller, adding his easy going style, it summed to a very creative, productive as well as pleasurable experience to work with him and easy to recommend!”
Carl-Eric Mols, Director Open Source SW Operations at Sony Mobile Communications

”Hiring Olle to teach us customer and market communication has been truly uplifting for our organization. His skills in combination with his responsiveness and ability to enthuse are unique. As a result we see a positive effect in our business and we will definitely continue to use Olle’s excellent services!”
Håkan Karlsson, Senior Systems Engineer at Pitney Bowes Software