Bosön, 5–6 August 2014

Hi everybody,

Thank you for two great days at Bosön! From your feedback page I have understood that you found the course valuable, and I wish you good luck with your studies and career. Below are some links and references which you can find useful. I have also included a small LinkedIn tutorial.

So keep in touch and remember: if you have a vision worth following, no geographical, social or economical shackles can hold you. Let’s make this world a better place!



My slides


Scientia Crastina

If you have a special interest for research communication, read more about this web site and go exploring. Below is one of my favorite articles.

The Facebook page offers interesting material about communication in the STEM field every day.

About presentations

• Death by PowerPoint – and how to fight it
A slideshow by Alexei Kapterev från Moskva.

• Life After Death by PowerPoint
PowerPoint as stand-up comedy by Don McMillan.

How to give a successful oral presentation
Interesting reflections on the attention pattern during a lecture.

Excellent speakers

Getting started with LinkedIn

For comparison, my account is

1. Get a LinkedIn account.

2. Write a good headline – as you can see, mine is ”Communications Consultant, Public Speaker & Professional Writer with a passion for science, language, history & people”.

3. Write a summary. As you can se, my summary says the following

Swedish communications consultant, public speaker, educator, freelance writer and author.

• Scientific communication & science communication.
• Presentation & writing techniques.
• Medical, technical & scientific writing aimed at a popular audience.

”Helping brilliant professionals and students get their facts, ideas and opinions across.

You can “find out who you are” by answering the questions below and edit the answer into a concise elevator pitch.

a. What do you do as a professional?
b. What problem do you solve?
c. How is your knowledge, approach or method different?
d. Why should I care?

4. Try to fill as many things as possible. Note that you can also add images and web addresses to your wall.

5. Finally, start chasing recommendations. Make sure your teachers, colleagues and project leaders write something nice about you!