Solna, 21 Juni 2017

Hi everybody,

Every June, I look forward to meet the new Amgen Scholars group and—as always–it was great to spend an afternoon together. Hopefully, your projects are proceeding according to plan.

Below are some links and references which you can find useful (and perhaps entertaining) as well as suggestions for your exploration of our somewhat peculiar country.

I will probably join you at one of the summer excursions. If you have any questions about communication, there’ll be time to discuss them in person then.

Presentation & poster workshop + final presentations
Feel free to send me presentations and poster drafts in preparation for the workshop on August 7. I hope to attend at least one of the presentation days, August 10 or 11.

Good luck, and bear in mind what the Amgen Scholars student Leonidas Georgiou wrote in an e-mail to me: ”Lets face it: badly communicated science is boring and a big component of doing science is motivation; we can’t expect to motivate people without good communication skills!”


My slides

A PPt for scientific presentations

This template is based on chapter 16 in Matt Carter’s Designing Science Presentations. Matt is an assistant professor of biology at Williams College, Massachusetts and a great guy!





Spending time in Sweden

Sun setting at about 22:15, east of Eskilstuna.

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